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訂購指南說明 / Shopping Guide Directions

會員分類 / Customer Category

  • 凡所有的會員登綠,僅供購物消費記錄,絕無任何收費性質。
  • When you sign up as our member, it only provides the shopping records. It will not cost any money.
  • 一般會員:所有客戶皆可加入本公司會員,適用初次購物來賓。
  • Member: all clients can sign up as our member. It is suitable for the consumer who shops first time.
  • VIP會員 :已在本站購物消費,經審核提升至VIP會員來賓。
  • VIP: If you already signed up as our members, after verification, you will promote to VIP.

會員說明 / Introduction

  • 凡已加入會員者購物,皆以特價優惠。
  • After signing up as our members, you can have the special offer.
  • 一般會員購物後,經審核後可提升至VIP貴賓會員。
  • You already signed up as our members. After verification, you will promote to VIP.
  • VIP會員則可以享受更優惠的價格(VIP會員價),並且立即分配一位公司主管級專門處理會員的一切需求與任何疑問及服務。
  • As a VIP, you can have more discounts when you shopping. Also, there is a supervisor who will specialize in handling all your needs, problems, and service.


付款方式  (可選五種付款方式) / Payment Methods (Can choose 5 ways of payment)

  • 信用卡:線上刷卡安全消費。
  • Online payment by credit card
  • ATM自動櫃員機轉帳 。
  • Transfer by ATM
  • 貨到付款。(僅限台灣)
  • Cash on delivery. (Only available in Taiwan)
  • 來店付款取貨。(僅限台灣)
  • In-store pickup and pay. (Only available in Taiwan)



After payment is completed, goods will be delivered within 5 days.


The exact delivery time is subject to the courier company due to overseas epidemic situation. We will deliver your package as soon as posible and notify you before delivering. 

運費說明 / Freight Instruction

  • 台灣地區凡購買滿500元即可享運費全免優惠。
  • Free shipping when you purchase over 500 NTD.(Only available in Taiwan)
  • 未滿500元則依物件大小酌收運費 100元--不另做通知。
  • Less than $500 NTD we will charge you the $100 NTD shipping fee by the size of the goods. (We will not notify you separately.)
  • 跨國家跨區運送費用會在商品內容說明。處理方式為運費加商品總和,方便顧客了解購買總價格。唯如有稅金則依當地國家稅制收取,本公司不負責任何稅金問題。
  • The cost of cross-country and cross-region shipping will be stated in the product content. The freight is included, so that customers can understand the total purchase price. However, if there is any tax, it will be charged according to the local national tax system. The company is not responsible for any tax issues.


請所有消費者注意以下事項:Please NOTICE the following items:

  • 若產品本身瑕疵或運送過程導致新品瑕疵,到貨7日內可更換新品。
  • If the product itself has defects or the shipping process cause it damaged, the defective product can be replaced within 7 days of arrival.
  • 不良品退還經過檢查與測試之後,若商品本身並無瑕疵,消費者必須支付所有發生之相關費用。
  • After you send back the defective product, we will check and test the product. If the product is not defective, you need to pay all related cost incurred.
  • 在您收到貨品後如因非人為因素之商品損毀、刮傷、或運輸過程造成包裝破損不完整者,請您儘速通知本公司客服人員,我們會進行商品瑕疵或損壞鑑定,並儘速將新品寄給您。
  • If the package is defective due to the non-human factors such as damage, scratching, or transportation after you received it. Please contact us ASAP. We will conduct a defect or damage identification of the product, and send new products to you.
  • 所有要辦理退貨或換貨的客戶皆需 E-mail或來電至補給站樂器,並提供:訂單號碼,退、換貨原因,您的姓名及聯絡電話,E-mail地址。
  • All the clients who want to return or exchange goods need to email or call us and provide order number, reason of returning and exchanging, your name, phone number, and email address.
  • 若您所訂購之商品無問題而您欲退貨,您必須自行負擔將商品寄回之運費。退回的商品必須是全新狀態,包括主要商品、使用手冊、註冊回函、週邊零件,連同原來的包裝一併送回,否則補給站樂器有權拒絕接受退貨。
  • If you want to return the product but there is no problem with it, you have to afford the shipping cost for sending back the product. The returning product must be in a new state and all the accessories, including instruction, registration reply, components, and the original packaging should be send back together. Otherwise, we have the rights to refuse the returning product.
  • 若商品因消費者個人不當使用拆卸產生人為因素造成故障、損毀、磨損、擦傷、刮傷、髒污、包裝破損不完整者,或是發票、附配件不齊全者,恕不接受退貨。
  • If the products have damage, malfunction, abrasion, scratch, dirty, and incomplete packaging due to human factors which caused by improper using and disassembling of the consumer, the retuning will not be accepted. Losing receipt and incomplete accessories are also the reasons that the returning is not accepted.



MUSIC CITY MUSICAL CO., LTD. is the management department of the Supply Station. 

公司當以最迅速及最熱誠的服務來達到客戶的需求,若有服務缺失及處理不當之處,投訴專線請撥公司管理部:台灣客戶服務電話:0800-096333 跨國服務電話:+886425296333 

We will provide the most dedicated and fastest service to achieve the clients’ needs. If there is a lack of service and improper disposal, please call our management department:

  • For Taiwanese Customer Service: 0800-096-333
  • For Overseas Customer Service: +88625296333
總管理處        免費服務電話:0800-096333        聯絡電話:04-25296333
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